Friends For Understanding is a youth organization that focuses on a sustainable society and works with youth from other countries.

We are a free-standing organization with its own board and is registered in Brønnøysund with organization number 995 492 385. We're also registered in Frivillighetsregisteret and was started in 2006.
So far we have been using activities from EU's Aktiv Ungdom.

Our organization grows every year and is approved as sender and receiver of international volunteers and coordinating organization in European Volunteer Services (EVS).

EVS is a peace project and focuses on sharing culture resources and offers the volunteers to get new friends and activities in the locale region.

FFU focus and teaches about locale, regional and international sustainable solutions for the future. We have started establishing a permaculture garden in Sarpsborg and will be located on the south side out looking Skjeberg Kirke and is named Spiralen.

We believe agriculture plays a big part of the global environment and we teaches how to be more independent.