Summer Camp

Every summer we arrange the Holiday Club for children witha alot of activites during week 31 and 32 and 3 days during the autumn holidays.
Our goal is to give the children an introduction to how life is on a small farm and how to handle different kind of animals and how to care for plants. We wish to educate children in respecting everything in nature. We wish them to be a part of our big project Spiralen where we're building a permaculture garden. Permaculture is based on diversity, growth and good use of scarse resources.

The children are divided into groups with an adult leader. The groups do different activites based on:

  • horse group
  • small animals group
  • plant group
  • construction group

Activites like:

  • Games
  • Group tasks
  • Nature walk
  • Tractor
  • Childrens youga
  • Go swimming (with a dash of art)
  • Fruit break

The price is kr. 1500,- per child per week.
Price reduction for members

  • with focus on cooperation

  • activate creativity

  • practical tasks

SummerCamp SummerCamp SummerCamp SummerCamp


We are all ready developed parts of our Earthship, a new way to live green.

Our project is attended to display the technology needed for creating this type of housing, even in a cold climate like Norway.


City Garden in Sarpsborg

This project is a collaborative between us, Kirkens Bymisjon, Sarpsborg kommune, Sannesundveien Skole and St. Olav barnehage. Here we offer a combination of learning and doing by planting seeds and take care of your plant.

In modern flower boxes made by Kirkens Bymisjon children in all ages can learn about plants and how to plant seeds. We focuses on eatable plants so the children can taste the end result.

The garden is open for everyone and there is water on site.

If you want the same flower boxes at home, please contact Kirkens Bymisjon.

Citygarden Citygarden Citygarden


Our goal is to establish a permaculture garden and is 10 years project started in 2014 with guidance from Change the World. We made a plan to make this an open garden people can visit with information about growing your own food.

This garden is called Spiralen. It's about starting small and achieve big things - to start with yourself and contribute to a sustainable development.

But what is a permaculture garden?

Permaculture as a system is nothing new. Permaculture organizes existing resources in a way that saves energy or produces more energy than used.

Spiralen will have 3 vegetable gardens that each will have different animals that will work the soil and remove weeds and left over vegetables. We have to vegetable gardens now and one have chickens and the other have cute rabbits. We also cultivate a star bed that provides a great environment for growth which is an important principle in ecological cultivation.

In the middle of Spiralen is our large maze which is decorated by graffiti artist Are Burås.

We have our own bonfire and it's a meeting point for parties and activities with the world most decorated roost build with pallets and outlooks the basil garden.
Chicken and gardens is a good match. They process the soil in a gentle and efficient way and give us healthy eggs in return.

Our eatable "jungle" is well underway and the fruit forrest will provide different fruits.

We also have beehives and in the future we will also have goats, water feature and a large greenhouse.

Spiralen Besøkshage is now open for visitors on thursday's 12-19 and sunday's 12-17 out september



Friends For Understanding is approved for sending and receiving volunteers. We can also coordinate other projects where they want to be hostess in Norway.

Every year from march to october we have three volunteers in our project Spiralen and these are people who have specifically wanted to go to Norway and learn how to live sustainable. It's awlays exciting getting to know all the volunteers and we learn alot about their country and culture.
Our volunteers live each in a specially designed caravan in an area in Spiralen.

Erasmus Erasmus Erasmus

Zipline Park

With the help from Klatring på Grensen we have build a large zipline park for all ages.

Zipline Zipline Zipline